10 Tips for Candid Wedding Photography

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Tip 1. Know your surroundings & Functions details in advance.

Candid wedding moments happen quickly and don’t last for long, so it’s essential that you’re prepared for any moment.Think of the occasion you planning to shoot and make at least 2-3pointers on how will the shoot the scene better than last time.Weddings have changed drastically in the past few years.Couples want more from a wedding these days, they don’t want the traditional, normal photography anymore.They want candid moments of every occasion, irrespective of if they standing is the corner or far of or harsh or low light.Always do a

Weddings have changed drastically in the past few years.Couples want more from a wedding these days, they don’t want the traditional, normal photography anymore.They want candid moments of every occasion, irrespective of if they standing is the corner or far of or harsh or low light.Always do a reiki of venue before hand to understand lighting situations at different point of the day.This will also help you you to give them better pictures options by absorbing the ambiance. Once you know the all the details, carry gear and position yourself accordingly.Take loads of test shots before the function starts from various angles and see what’s the best that looks in the back of your camera.Use reflections, use as much environment as they booked their fav venue to get married, hence use every element of same.








Tip 2. Always be ready

Probably the best way to take spontaneous candid photographs is to always be ready with a camera with all camera setting dialed in appropriately.From formatting, a card to the new battery for camera and Flashes are basic mandates.If you use off camera lighting, position your lights in appropriate places where you think action can happen.Always have a backup plan ready.My go-to lenses are the Canon 85 f/1.2 , Sigma 50 f/1.4 Art, the Canon 14 mm f/2.8L and Canon 70-200 f2.8 II . So that I can pull off any kind of shot any time. I do loads of off camera lighting hence trigger is always on top of my camera gear and an assistance holding up the lights incase I need it.Alternatively, if you work in a team, assign who will take wide, close up shots of same moments so nothing gets missed.

Tip 3. Carry 2 camera bodies

It’s always a good to shoot the same scene with multiple perspectives, A wide view to show overall surroundings to a close-up shot.The best way to carry 2 camera bodies is to use a dual camera body strap which does not come in way of your shooting and makes you reach out to your gear fast without missing the action.

Tip 4. Mix up your Perspective (Always be on a Move)

Once you got your safe shot from straight on angle, try capturing rest of the shots from lower angles, top angles with interesting foreground elements.This adds to the candid nature of the shots.Break the rules of composition.A trick that I often use in candid shots is to purposely include something in the foreground of the shot to make it look as though I’m hiding behind it.Never stay at the same position, or all your shots will start looking same.


 Tip 5. Slow Down Your Approach

Don’t be in a hurry, everytime you press down the shutter, keep thinking how next shot I can make better.It’s like writing an essay paper in your exams while writing you keep thinking about what more in next line.Its always better to provide clients with  400 good shots rather giving them 1000 ok images.Think what best can I do now to make shot better.(use artificial lights,different power on  lights and different camera angles will make same scene look totally  different)


 Tip 6. Flash Vs No  Flash

Many photographers, I know don’t use flash for candid wedding pictures, however especially in INDIA, the wedding decor is usually mixed with crazy lighting and which leaves people looking like alien’s face color and the expensive colorful clothes that everyone wear, looks different under those lighting.Hence use Flash or any other kind of light source in a right mix, so that the picture gives the feel of ambiance and your couple also stands out.Sometimes only use flash for backlit purpose.


 Tip 7. Shooting Candid vs Planning Candid Shots

Most of the times, you want to capture people in their natural environment, but sometimes you need to also put them in interesting arrangements and let them be them selfs so that you can capture the same scene in a better perfective with everyone in one frame.So throughout the wedding day, I’ll frequently play a small role in just setting up my scene so it’s ideal for photography.


 Tip 8. Stop Praising Your Shots

As a wedding photographer, you need to always be on your toes, and spend less time watching and praising the back of the camera!.For every moment you look down at the camera for a long time, you missed the moments that will never come back.Hence as I mentioned earlier,if you pre-plan your shots well, you don’t need to worry about how is your shot looking, be confident that whatever shots you took are your best shots and next ones will be more amazing.

Tip 9. Mistakes Will Happen

We all are human’s and we all will do mistakes while taking pictures, hence in case you missed a shot or shot has come out of focus or flash did not fire… please don’t feel shy to ask for a retake,It’s better to take next shot good rather not to give clients the shot.Don’t worry client might for some time(why is he taking the shot again?), but they will soon forget it too.But later when they see all those gorgeous shots, they will thank you enough.

Tip 10. Always wear a smile on your face

A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.Always great your clients looking directly in their eyes and a gentle smile on face so that even if they see you remotely shooting them, they will give you a cheers up and whoo la aaa you got your candid shots.


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