Italy highlights – Shot on iphone6s plus

I recently traveled to Italy and decided to only use only my iPhone 6splus to click pictures and video,this blog is dedicated to how to take good pictures with iPhone or how to take  good pictures with smartphones. Being a wedding photographer I have always clicked pictures from my  CANON 1dx and 5dMark III,but this time I loved using iPhone 6splus, the best part was click,edit and upload within 10 mins.

There’s a large contingent of photo enthusiasts online who will dismiss a photo straight away if they find out it was taken with a smartphone. We think everyone should have a dedicated camera (DSLR), but a good photo is a good photo, regardless of the gear used to take it. Camera phones have some inherent strengths and weaknesses, and by emphasising the good and downplaying the bad, you can take some awesome picture and video from your smartphone.

All the pictures and video down have been clicked & edited entirely on iPhone 6s plus.Most of the pictures are either clicked by a selfie stand put on a tripod or table top small selfie stand for lower angle shots.No professional photographer was used to take these pictures apart from asking a person close by to take a picture.I tried to click as many pics from back of taxi seat to daylight , indoor, outdoors, dark area’s as seen below.

So what are you waiting for, pick your smart phone and click some awesome pictures.

The good:-

  • Excellent in daylight for both photo & video.
  • Slow motion is the best part of the camera.
  • Rest let pictures speak for itself

The Bad :-

  • I wish it had better low light capabilities, but guess too much to ask for.
  • Wish the front & back camera had more megapixels.
  • Some pics you see below are too grainy as they were clicking in night , but they are very much usable. 

Key things to remember 

  • Watch from where the light source is coming.
  • Always remember composition is what will make the difference, hence choose you angles wisely and wait sometimes for perfect shot, don’t hurry up.
  • Remember to turn on the gridlines on your iPhone so you can better compose the picture.
  • Don’t use camera flash, prefer natural light.
  • Pick a better camera app (many available on app store)
  • Avoid zooming in as that kills the quality of images


Enjoy the pictures and 2 versions of the video’s I made at bottom.

Leave a comment below if you like the work.


  NOW WATCH awesome iPhone6 clicked & edits video



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