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The Perfect Wedding Album Robin Saini Photography

The Perfect Wedding Album

How to make best wedding album

“A wedding album is kind of like a engagement ring – it’s meant to be enjoyed and meant to be looked at over and over again”.So once the photographer gives you all beautiful photos , there’s still work to be done. Creating the perfect photo album.It’s a huge task to pick up the best pictures that you wish to have in your wedding album, as you want all of them to be printed , but that’s not possible. Usually 150 pics fits in an album with 100 pages or 50 spreads  .At first it will be difficult to pick 150 from 1500 (assuming you get these many from your photographer ), hence go step by step as mentioned below.

  • At first just pick as many pictures as you wish to have in your album, dont worry on the count ,Pick the pictures which you can’t live without,just ensure that you dont include similar kind of expression pictures over and over again.Assuming from 1500 you end up picking up 800 pics.
  • Now go through the selected 800 pictures & see which pictures tells a story of the given day, their might be some pics which you picked up out of excitement or same event but different expression, may be you would want to cut down on those extras.
  • Sit again with those 800 pics on other day and try to narrow them further to 350-400 pics.Once you have narrowed down 350 pics from 800 selected pics from initial list, take a day break and come back again and select the best 150-175 pics from the 350 pictures
  • This way over 2-3 days you have narrowed down your selection from 1500 to 150-175 images.
  • Make folders in chronologically order as events unfolded so that its easy for you remember how many pics you selected for each event.
  • Ensure that all the closed family members , relatives & friends are selected along with important wedding rituals.
               Photographer’s role
  • Handover your best pictures to photographer so that he had put them in a story telling format for you.
  • At this very moment, ask him for various wedding albums options categorized by size of albums / type of paper quality / Album cover /  etc etc.Decide on the sample you like and let your photographer know about it.
  • As you have selected 150 pics and a photographer or albums artist has 150 pages, hence let him use his creative mind and make pages that tells story of your big day.
  • Once you get your albums layout in form of PDF for approval ensure you have all these below points covered.
  • Albums should always start with full page images or 2 images on one page spread.It looks nice to start an album with huge big prints spread over a page.
  • Let every page layout speak for itself ,On some pages a single image will speak for itself and on other pages a set of images will tell the story.
  • Don’t clutter the pages, leave loads of empty space , it’s always nice to look at pictures which has some breathing space , so that viewer can see easily differentiate each image.
  • If you clutter too many images on a page with edge to edge, a normal viewer will flip the page fast as his eyes will get confused where to look.Hence don’t force your photographer to put  many images on a page.
  • Ensure that you have good mix of Color / BW / Other tones of pictures in your album.
  • If you wish to have beautiful quotes under some pictures, please provide them to your photographer or ask him to put on certain images.
  • If you unhappy with some page layout, then ask photographer for a revised layout but pin point the area’s that you didn’t like so that , he can address those and rework on it.
  • End the album with a beautiful thank you quote from Bride and Groom to all those who made it for your wedding.
               Wedding Albums Maker’s (we recommend below ones) 
  • is one of the most popular album maker in INDIA, they have variety of paper options along with albums covers to choose from.Ask your photographer to show some samples before you make up your mind.Apart from albums you can also print wall size posters too.
  • , is more on a premium side company from Italy, Quality of their albums are world class and they have huge variety of covers & premium paper option’s.But as quality comes at a cost, hence be ready to pay at least 5-10 times more than the India album maker.If for you wedding albums are important and what to flaunt them and want something very unique, go for this, its a one time investment and last for years to come.
           Check out some of our’s wedding album’s



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