Couple shoot & wedding at Oxford Golf and Country Club

Aalap weds Swati


[yasr_overall_rating size=”small”]Rated No.1 in India, Top 10 in Asia, Oxford Golf & Country Club is Pune’s most prestigious club providing a private world of beauty, recreation and fun.We had a opportunity to shoot this gorgeous Gujarati wedding of Aalap & Swati on this property.


 The Proposal

There’s nothing more romantic a girl could hope for than a surprise proposal. It’s such an awesome high from the rush of hearing the words “Will you marry me?” (Spoiler: She said “Yes”) and quite literally for this couple, as he knelt down on one knee on the tallest building of the planet, at Bhurj Khalifa. Yes, they were literally on top of the world! Congratulations, Swati and Aalap!

The event was spread over 1.5 days with one day of pre wedding shoot done at same location.

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 The story of the proposal from the lovely bride-to-be:

It was the most beautiful proposal ever. He planned a trip to Dubai and on the first day of 2014 and took me to the tallest building in the world, Bhurj Khalifa. He led me away from the crowd to check out the other side of the view. Suddenly out of nowhere he then went down on his knee, took out a ring he’s been hiding close to his heart the whole day and popped the question. There was nothing that could’ve stopped me from saying yes that day.

Read on to know more about their love story

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 When and how did you meet?

We both were working in Motorola, Pune as software engineers. Two years in the same company and we just knew each other by face. There was a Motorola, national movie-making competition and Aalap and I decided to represent Pune. In the whole course of movie making, our interactions increased. We won the 3rd place in the competition and that kick-started our relationship. This was followed by countless number of lunches, dinners, movies, shopping and eventually our love story began.


pre-wedding-at-oxford-golf-country-club_20 pre-wedding-at-oxford-golf-country-club_18 pre-wedding-at-oxford-golf-country-club_16pre-wedding-at-oxford-golf-country-club_17 pre-wedding-at-oxford-golf-country-club_19pre-wedding-at-oxford-golf-country-club_22

 How long did you date?

We were friends since 3 years but we both don’t know when cupid struck. But we do remember the day when we both said those 3 golden words and it is now a year and half since we started dating as a couple totally in love with each other.

 What do you love about each other?

Her – The best thing about him is that his love is so addictive, once you have it in your life you can’t let it go. He expresses how crazy he’s about me, cares for me like no else in his life and makes my life as beautiful as it can ever be.

Him – I love the way she brings energy, stability, enthusiasm, excitement, happiness, completeness, strength and love in my life. She just makes my life a roller coaster that I never want to get off.

pre-wedding-at-oxford-golf-country-club_24 pre-wedding-at-oxford-golf-country-club_26pre-wedding-at-oxford-golf-country-club_14pre-wedding-at-oxford-golf-country-club_23 pre-wedding-at-oxford-golf-country-club_21 pre-wedding-at-oxford-golf-country-club_25 pre-wedding-at-oxford-golf-country-club_27



 Why did you choose this particular venue for the engagement shoot?

We both always wanted a wedding away from the city and at a place where two families can stay together and unite as the celebrations unfold. Oxford is placed amidst a beautiful valley with lush green acres of surrounding. There is something serene about the place that made it an obvious choice.


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wedding-at-oxford-golf-country-club_74 wedding-at-oxford-golf-country-club_76 wedding-at-oxford-golf-country-club_75wedding-at-oxford-golf-country-club_77 wedding-at-oxford-golf-country-club_78

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